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HALL 8.1

Reproduction of an hotel designed by the most important interior design studios. A space that offers maximum visibility among those responsible for tourist and catering accommodation.

Design a suite, a room or a business space!

HOSTELCO puts at the disposal of contract companies various spaces in a hotel, to publicise the latest trends in interior design, decoration, lighting and furniture.

A real scenario with maximum visibility among those in charge of hotels, tourist accommodation or catering establishments.

If you are an exhibitor, invite your decorator or interior designer to register to show your products at HOSTELCO Live Hotel.



Teresa Casas Cornellà

President. Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior​​

Ramón Estalella

General Secretary. Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos

Emilio Gallego

General Secretary. CEHE – Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de España

Agnès Blanch

Interior Designer. Miembro de la Junta de Arquinfad, Associación Interdisciplinaria de Diseño del Espacio ​

Juan López-Asiain

Head of the Technical Cabinet in the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain

Marcos Toscani




A sensational hotel for enjoying life

A lobby with a mix of design, craftwork, and fine materials. An amalgamation of sensations, comfort and warmth. The development of this space is designed to recreate a 4 Star Hotel, in a beach area. The project is inspired by a natural lifestyle, free and easy to create a sophisticated space, decorated with natural and traditional elements.



Mónica Gorrini.


For more than 30 years, Mónica Gorrini has created spaces, unique and pleasant places where people feel comfortable, surrounded by elements, colours and textures that complete their personality. The design, aesthetics and the artistry make the space unique, but function should never be left to one side. Among her highlights are the Hotel Mazagon, the Hotel Mugurutza, Restaurante Tanino, Beach Club Yucas, etc.


Beach holiday hotel

This project recreates a holiday hotel with the aim of offering guests a peaceful, quality and aesthetically pleasing stay. Accommodation for the client to feel protected and wrapped up by all the comfort of a splendid hotel. The objective is for the guest to have the closest experience to living in the middle of nature, without forgoing the comforts and good work of a great hotel.





Design in architecture and interior design with more than 35 years of experience and nationally and internationally recognised projects full of soul. Its versatility is noted in every job and is defined by the search for excellence. Other works include the Hotel Omm, the higher management offices of Banco de Sabadell; the Celler of Can Roca, the Restaurante Filandón, and the first high-end home appliances showroom, The Art of Living, Frigicoll.


Design of a fully equipped fitness room

Recreation of a gym in a 32m2 room to show that space is not in competition with the quality of the service if there is a good combination of equipment. The project responds to the creation and design of a space dedicated to the fitness and health of the guests, where the Hotel marks a clear difference over its competitors.



Oss Fitness Sport Systems.


Oss Fitness creates and designs spaces dedicated to the fitness and health of the guests, adapting to the needs of each client, whether in urban, rural, holiday hotels, resorts, agrotourism or even campsites and residential areas. Its philosophy is to bring a new value with the equipment, adapting to the needs of the client, improving the performance of the spaces and the benefits for users.

ROOM by Carmela Martí​

Immerse yourself in the textile ocean

Carmela Martí explores the possibilities of textile, creating an encompassing experience in the waves of the sea. She breaks with the traditional model of a room to create an experience that transmits directly to the sea. This project shows the possibilities of the textile, a material that transmits warmth, which wraps us up, and which is able to transform any space. It uses the digital printing technique, showing that anything is possible.





Carmela Martí was founded in 2004 providing textile decorating services within an important group in this sector, with the aim of offering a consultancy service in interior design for hotels, restaurants, residences and creating environments with character. Warmth and comfort are characteristics of the textile adapted to the needs of each project.

ROOM by Fundación ONCE

Intelligent and accessible room

Creation of a space where accessibility is not in competition with design, aesthetics, dimensions and good taste. The ONCE Foundation, implied in the concept “Design for All”, linked to the hotel industry, is designing a project to construct an exemplary adapted stay. The room, 32 m2 in size, attempts to demonstrate that the design, aesthetics and dimensions required to comfortably accommodate people with special needs is comparable with the interior decor of conventional accommodation.





The main objective of the ONCE Foundation consists of carrying out integration programmes of people with disabilities, and global accessibility, promoting the creation of spaces, products and globally accessible services. In addition to ONCE as a founding entity, the main organisations for people with disabilities in Spain are present.

ROOM by Inusual Disseny

Hostel Design

The design itself comes from improving and differentiating oneself, and the aim of this project is to be different: to configure spaces with a high concentration of guests without sacrificing aesthetics, comfort or intimacy. The treatment of the interior design is based on the gesture between materials, textures and colours that respond to a predominantly young target market that is beginning to mix with an older market, realising the possibilities that exist to generate this type of new environment. This design is a set of reinterpreted pieces of a puzzle that looks to the near future.





Genís Sole, Hernan Navarro and Jordi Canora, comprise a team capable of taking on industrial design, architecture and interior design. Uniting international projects in Central America, Asia, and of course Europe, with Hotel, Restaurant and Leisure companies. We should point out the interventions for 5 Star Hotels for Catalonia in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and the projects carried out in Colombia.


A space dedicated to the philosophy of wellness

Recreation of a gym in a 32m2 room to show that space is not in competition with the quality of the service if there is a good combination of equipment. The project responds to the creation and design of a space dedicated to the fitness and health of the guests, where the Hotel marks a clear difference over its competitors.



Pool & Wellness Room; Design & constructive development: Naos 04 Architects.


The NAOS Architecture Studio has developed projects since 1991, with the aim of offering unique and innovative proposals, linked to the idea of environmental integration, quality and flexibility. It carries out projects all over Spain and the world in sports and cultural architecture, urban spaces and green areas, residential, commercial and hotel buildings, administrative buildings, hospitals and educational centres, as well as the restoration of historical constructions.